Up Bruin Walk and into the Elevator

While hiking up Bruin Walk today, I noticed that my right arm was decorated with black and blue spots. Oh. Just lovely. I pressed on my newly developed bruises, only to realize that they were not hurting. Weird, huh? I must have developed some sort of immunity to pain. Woot.

And then another weird thing happened. I found someone’s driver’s license between Pauley Pavillion and the IM field. Having some experience with lost Bruin cards before,  I FB’ed the person and managed to return it to the owner via Ackerman’s Lost & Found Center. Yes, I made one person very happy today and saved them $25. Go me. If only someone could save ME $25…if only.

As I kept on climbing the Hill, my floormate, Jenny, called me about move-in assistant (MIA) duty shifts for tomorrow morning. Apparently, I hit the jackpot., winning a 7:45AM – 12:00PM shift in the DeNeve/Dykstra Parking Lot. Oh joy. That means heaps of sunblock and gallons of water for tomorrow. *sigh* I suppose this is fair compensation for moving in early on Tuesday into the dorms and being fed…and getting a nifty cool MIA shift…for FREE. Otherwise, MIA duties are relatively boring so far. I mean, I’m assigned to duties that I’m overly qualified for. Can’t any ten-year old stuff lunch pails, put them in rooms, and decorate the walls too? Fortunately, I have APHC and research to keep me occupied on the side.

After receiving the news, I finally got back up to De Neve and rode the elevator. [Yes, folks. Monica has committed a crime, but please bear with her.] Strangely enough, I had a sudden lightbulb moment, while riding my way up to the 5th floor. I thought of my elevator speech that I would say if I ever met a potential employer at a career fair…or simply in the elevator. Below is the thiry-second spiel that started running in my head.

“So nice to meet you! *grins broadly* My name is ___. *shakes imaginary hand enthusiastically* I’m a current junior at UCLA in pursuit of a Chemistry B.S. I know you’re probably thinking…what can this undergrad do for me? Well, I’m seeking employment after 2010. I’ve worked part-time in a quality control lab for almost three years and am particularly interested in alternative energy. As an undergrad, I’ve been developing more efficient solar cells for a while now. Do you have a moment right now? *assuming the person says yes* Here is my resume. I really look forward to meeting with you. If you need any further info, please let contact me. Thanks.”

I think this still needs more takes…and variations for different jobs (i.e. health/green management-related jobs, grad school). I mean, admittedly, my elevator speech for green jobs is not that bad. I suppose that I could make myself even more marketable by includings bits and pieces about my other relevant experiences (i.e. quadrilingual skills, programming, website design, leadership skills, musical abilities). Of course…I still need to work on all the above. Like crazy. Seriously. Work + research all this summer has made me so much more modest about the things I know about my field. I’m still a novice, but at least I’m making a decent effort.

According to GMS sources, I’m pretty much on track for a junior. [Can you say hooray?] That makes me slightly pleased, yet I know I can do better.

Wow. That little stroll up Bruin Walk was amazingly eventful and career-oriented. The only disappointing moment today was when I realized that I had consumed 1500 calories (!) when I’ve usually been intaking < 1100 calories. That deflates my happiness bubble quite a bit.



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