H2O Saving Tips

It makes me depressed about how much water we use these days in the states when other water-starved countries in Africa and Asia have to scramble for precious fluids each day. Recently, several reports in the LA Times and CNN have reported the increasing value of water resources and how its value will surpass that of oil within a decade or so. Most of this lack of water appreciation results from our lifestyle habits, so if we can change them slightly, we can become more water-conscious. As for me, I think I’ll make try to be a more water conserving individual by hopefully doing one of the following….

1. Try to persuade the parents to install a dual system toilet-sink at home. These are really common in Japan and parts of Asian, but not yet in the US. Check it out here!

2. My sister and I should have tried to patent our water recycling structure during high school! Grrrr….apparently, a company called Zeltec beat us to it: http://www.watercone.com/product.html.

*sigh* Well….at least we were thinking the right way.

3. Use less water in the shower by turning it off when applying soap.

4. Water plants with rain water or liquid water from cooking.

5. Try to see if UCLA can convert their toilet flushing water to sea water instead, like they already do in parts of Asia (especially HK).

6. Make sure that shower and faucet heads have low flow settings/functions.



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