A Little Dosage of Inspiration

My dad sent this to me today, and I thought it was the most inspirational, yet simple, poem that I’ve ever read in my life. Thanks so much, Dad! ❤ In times of frustration and desperation, I think all one really needs is to go back to the basics, and in the case of this poem, it teaches us to return to the basic concepts of living life. I managed to provide a rough translation, but of course, it is not nearly as meaningful in the original context. Some of its essence has been lost in translation, but regardless, hopefully you can still get the point of the poem.




























Rough Translation:

Whether you have a lot or money of not, it is fine as long as you have enough to eat.
Whether you are ugly or beautiful, it is fine as long as you are not unsightly.
Whether you are old or young, it is fine as long as you are healthy enough.
Whether you are poor or rich, it is fine as long as you can get by.
Even if your husband arrives home late, it is fine as long as he arrives home.
Even if your wife complains, it is fine as long as she cares for the family and home.
From a young age, children should be taught well.
Being a professor or vendor are both fine.
Once you grow up, remember to obey the rules.
Whether your house is big or small, it is fine as long as you can live in it.
Whether your belongings consist of brand names or not, it is fine as long as you can wear them.
Even if your boss is not the most ideal, it is fine as long as you have patience.
If you have distress or problems in life, it is fine as long as you can change.
If you are too stubborn, learn to be more tolerant.
In one’s lifetime, it is fine as long as you live in peace.
Just because one has money does not mean all will be well.
If your heart and actions are good, then your life will naturally change for the better.
To be or not to be, only Fate will know.
Many things in life, one just needs to understand and move on.
Everyone is good. Every day is good.
I am good. You are good. The world is good.
All in all, knowing enough is good.
This short poem is really good.
If I didn’t send you this, it would be my fault.
Sending this to you will hopefully help everyone become better people.



1 Comment

  1. August 30, 2009 at 5:39 PM

    Good post! I like this. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. Take care A.

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