Trying to be less iChallenged

I have been a faithful PC user ever since I can remember. During my teens, I avoided purchasing anything that was made by Apple Inc., except my iPod Nano, which I won in a raffle. Now, according to, I am “iChallenged“, because I have limited to no knowledge on how to use Apple products. Well, I can’t help it if the PC has been my best friend for all my life; I’m too comfortable to even consider becoming a Mac user, not to mention a MacBookPro (MBP) user. But with my sights set on for grad school in the fall which will require intensive computer running for research purposes, a recent student $200 education discount for the MBP, and a yearning to try something completely different, I was pretty much sold on an MBP exactly two months ago. I didn’t really play with my one-piece aluminum contraption until I received a 1.5-hour tutorial tonight.  I got the Sparknotes on how to use the MBP from my good friend who is an avid user of the MBP. And all I can say is that the MBP is extremely user friendly and has motivated me to uncover its amazing potential and capabilities! This is my new baby: