Behold…the power of the sun!

I don’t mean to bore you to death with the ensuing subject, but today marks the two-year anniversary of my starting undergrad research in the Schwartz lab.
This was the research that changed my major
…my perspective on life.
…my future goals.
…and gave me renewed hope for my future.
Presenting to you….recent articles on bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaics (aka organic solar cells). I’m just archiving these links for easier access when I need to start writing up my senior thesis, which….still needs to be done….sometime before I graduate in June. *twiddles thumbs* In case you have any shred of interest on this subject, I’ve provided a few links to below:
  1. (the review article gives a basic overview of what this field is about)
  2. (Note that you must have university access to the links to read this.)
  3. (for people who actually think about P3HT/Ca interfaces a lot)
  4. (from Sam Jenekhe collaboration on organometallic semiconducting polymers)
  5. (Two weeks ago, I attended a UCLA CNSI seminar by Dr. Daniel Nocera from MIT who was featured on the cover of National Geographic for his work on energy conversion in chemistry and biology. Let’s just say that he is an AMAZING speaker.)
Here are a few more things that I need to do before graduation include:
1. More research 🙂
2. Undergrad Science Poster Day / apply for Dean’s Prize 🙂
3. Give two more group meetings
4. Finish up senior research thesis (!!!)
5. Finish up an official paper on shuttlecock fullerene derivatives for submission!